A truly warm roof! An innovative system that employs a structural framework of timber components and deliberately avoids the use of an aluminium framework to create a truly warm solid roof construction, with no possibility of cold bridging.



Outstanding thermal performance

It’s a fact that most of the heat your conservatory looses is through the glazed roof structure. Until now that is. With the Consort Solid Roof system more of the heat is retained creates a living space that is warm and comfortable – saving on heating bills.

Creating a room you can use all
year round

Consort's Solid Roof, is ideal for both new and retrofit use. Fitting our solid roof solution eliminates the ‘too hot in summer and too cold in winter’ problem, creating a usable room 24/7, 365 days a year, whatever the season.

Suits all types of conservatory

Designed to fit all popular conservatory styles and sizes: Victorian, Lean-To, Georgian, and Gable. At the same time you fit the a solid roof you could also improve your conservatory by choosing to fit consorts excellent inline sliding patio doors, French doors or our imagine bi-fold doors.

Let the sunshine in

If you are keen to let the sunshine in then it is possible to incorporate insulated glazed roof vents to provide natural daylight, as well as ventilation in the summer months, without unduly compromising the energy efficiency of the room.

No need to compromise internal finishes

All our interior finishes are plaster-boarded to match the internal finish of your home with a choice of ridge apex or orangery-style perimeter shelf soffits, typically incorporating down lighters for a more contemporary look.

Maintenance free

Consort's Solid Roof delivers a well-built and thermally-efficient building extension that ensures effective weather performance and rainwater drainage and comfortably meets all Building Regulations approvals for added peace of mind.

Investing in your home with an environmentally sound solution

Hardware may be the last thing fitted, but it’s the part we most frequently touch and the aspect by which we judge overall quality.

Inspired by 19th century ironmongery, the elegant, classic design of the Monkey Tail and Tear Drop handles are ideally suited for heritage style windows.

Easy to operate and suitable for any window application, they can be locked in position using an Allen key for higher security. The specially formulated finish is hard-wearing and significantly tougher than traditional wrought iron furniture. Fully suited and perfectly matching Monkey Tail Operating and Dummy Peg Stays are also available.