The Consort Flush Sash offers the pleasing
aesthetic appearance of old timber windows
with the added benefits of style and high
performance of modern windows

The slim sightlines of the Consort Flush Sash casement window incorporate all the benefits of modern windows with the looks of a traditional timber window, making the Consort Flush Sash an ideal alternative or replacement to tired looking timber windows, first generation PVCu or standard casement PVCu windows.

The traditional mechanical joints eliminate the tell-tale sign of a PVC window as there are no diagonal welds.

The Consort Flush Sash is an ideal replacement for period properties, also bringing an excellent clean look to modern contemporary homes especially in trend setting solid colours, making them perfect for any home.

Flush Sash Casement Window

Easy to use &
High Performance Security


High Performance Hinge

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the high performance Nico Friction Hinge is robustly built with precision geometry for a smooth, positive closing action.

The Nico Restricted Egress Friction Hinge combines all the features of standard restrictor and egress hinges to offer a safe and easy way to comply with building regulations.


Consort Multilock

The Consort Multilock is approved and tested to loads of more than 4500N – 50% more than the 3000N specified, to meet the requirements of the security standard PAS024.

The robustly built multilock also completed endurance testing of over 100,000 cycles ensuring long-life performance and no compromise on quality, incorporating a twin cam system giving you a lockable night vent function on the flush window.


Flush sash casement hardware

Hardware may be the last thing fitted, but it’s the part we most frequently touch and the aspect by which we judge overall quality.

Inspired by 19th century ironmongery, the elegant, classic design of the Monkey Tail and Tear Drop handles are ideally suited for heritage style windows.

Easy to operate and suitable for any window application, they can be locked in position using an Allen key for higher security. The specially formulated finish is hard-wearing and significantly tougher than traditional wrought iron furniture. Fully suited and perfectly matching Monkey Tail Operating and Dummy Peg Stays are also available.


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